I am a queer feminist critical theorist and for quite some time my work circles around questions of planetary entanglements, socio-political differences and relational co-existence. Engaging with both the onto-epistemological and ethico-political dimensions of Relation(al) Matters, my attention lies most of all with the troubling consequences of a relational understanding of the world; that is the inherent frictions, the processes of in- & exclusion and the always asymmetrical relations we live in. And yet, as a feminist critical thinker, the efforts of my work remain committed to emancipatory disruptions, a becoming-otherwise and a push for transformation. As an Associate Professor of Gender Studies and Critical Theory in the Graduate Gender Programme at Utrecht University I also devote much of my energy to the practice of relational pedagogies in the classroom with which I hope to generate open curiosity and the desire to enliven the world in view of the above stated commitments. 

I hold a PhD from the Department of Gender Studies at Central European University and the Institute for Cultural Inquiry at Utrecht University where I also work as a lecturer in the Graduate Gender Programme. My research examines experience of loss as it is rendered in contemporary biomedical research literature on grief as diagnosis and personal accounts of loss. Working from a combined perspective of feminist ontoepistemology and queer and feminist uses of psychoanalytic theory my project reconfigures experience of loss in radically performative terms, asking not what grief is but what it does to or how it animates a sense of being in the world. In the context of the Relation(al) Matters Archive I assist in practical and intellectual matters as well as I manage technical aspects related to the webpage and the online conversations.